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Living a life that pleases God is far from lame. Engulfed in a society where anything goes, boundaries are essential. There is value in choosing godliness over popularity, the thirst of attention, and the desire to fit in. Therefore, make a stand. Establish boundaries instead of compromising your faith. Allow #Standards to be your guide. You can develop and uphold godly standards while living a saved and set apart life. It's worth it and so are you!


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"We in it together"

Book Synopsis: Revealing Who You Are Through The Eyes Of Christ takes you on a journey of inward transformation, enabling you to discover who God says that you are. Experience the depth, width, and length of His love for you and understand the importance of having a foundation rooted in the bosom of your heavenly Father. You are worthy. You are beautiful. In Christ, you are forgiven. Say goodbye to your past and allow the words of this devotional to welcome you into life anew...a life where you can live your inner beauty out loud as a whole, confident, and secure daughter of the King.

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Got a phone?  This is a Bible study hosted by a mighty man of GOD with real & timely topics.  It is done via telephone with open discussions and you can tune in and receive at any time.  Donot miss this blessing!! If you would like to receive a weekly reminder text, please email:


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